Thursday, December 29, 2016

Transgendered...does it really exist?

The idea of being transgender is that a person prefers activities and clothing usually seen in the opposite se/x and begins to feel that she or he was born in the wrong body. And of course, surgeons are willing to mutilate the body to allow the person to dress in costume to look like the opposite gender. However, I have yet to meet a transgendered person who really acts like the gender they think they are. And there is a good biological reason for this.

If you have a kid who feels this way, here's how to talk to them and tell them, "how the hog eats the cabbage" so to speak.

Transgendered? NOT

1. Each cell has a "central computer" called DNA. 2. Your gender is encoded in this central computer in each cell of your body. Males have an XY chromosome combination and females, an XX combination. All the billions of cells in your body have this encoded thusly. Therefore you cannot really change your gender...all you can do is have your body mutilated and dress in costume. Now, do you really want to do that?  Especially in our society, fact is, you can change roles, dress in whatever you want etc. I've had short crew cut hair most of my life and I don't really own a skirt. I was a Tom boy and loved cars and riding bicycles and only used my dolls, my hopeful Mum kept buying me, to tie up when I was playing cowboys with the boys. In school, and since we moved a lot, I went to a new school every 6 months to a year, the kids tried to bully me because I looked like a geek but I stood up to them and did a fist fight when called for, usually getting the bully in big trouble and after that they left me alone.  Be what you are but be true to yourself.   I still love riding bicycles and motorcycles, love wearing pants, wear no makeup etc. And, I don't even own any skirts, but I love being a wife, loved being a mother and raising our son and love being a grandma and a great grandma. Each of us is a total individual so we don't have to fit into any mold except OUR mold!  The only "normal" for us is OUR normal and that will be different for every person!

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