Thursday, October 13, 2016

Campaign Notes

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Well, this two year campaign season has finally come to a head. Through all of the debates, all of the press interviews, all of the talking heads, all of the newspaper ink spilled, all of the social media chatter, we have finally crystallized the most vital issue of the day, the greatest threat to the security and prosperity of the nation.

It isn't Benghazi.

It isn't the fact that we have the largest number of Americans not participating in the workforce--ever.

It isn't the Democrats' Obamacare plans with $6K premiums AND $6K annual deductibles.

It isn't the fact that we have had a string of Islamic mass murders on our own soil over the past eight years.

It isn't the fact that the Secretary of State allowed the entire world to read our most classified emails by having them on an unencrypted private server in her home.

It isn't the fact that Clinton erased all of those emails AFTER the server was subpeonaed by Congress.

It isn't that the FBI gave immunity to her coconspirators and then agreed to destroy THEIR records on laptops.

It isn't that the FBI and Justice Department failed to indict on all of this.

It isn't Obama and Clinton funneling almost a billion dollars to Iran in cash.

It isn't the loss of American power and prestige around the world under Clinton and Obama.

It isn't the rise of ISIS because of Clinton and Obama's disastrous foreign policies.

It isn't the war on the Catholic Church by Obama and Clinton's acolytes.

It isn't the commitment by Clinton to strengthen Planned Parenthood and increase access to abortion and force taxpayer funding of abortions.

It isn't that under this administration 1 out of every six Americans now relies on Food Stamps.

No. It's none of these things.

The most important issue driving the electorate now is the fact that Donald Trump spoke like a pig twelve years ago, and good Christians everywhere simply cannot abide such behavior. Ever.

Never mind that Clinton orchestrated intimidation and character assassination against her husband's victims of sexual assault.

Nope. Trump has a potty mouth, and had a bad attitude toward women, and that matters more than national and economic security, more than religious liberty, and more than the right to life itself. We cannot have a pig in the White House! Not until Bill moves back with Hillary.

Guest blog by Dr Gerard Nadal, PhD (reprinted with the kind permission of the author)

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