Friday, April 17, 2015

Did George Washington convert to Catholicism on his death bed?

George Washington - deathbed conversion?
I researched the claim that our first president, George Washington, converted to the Catholic church on his death bed.  Although most sources mentioned that he was friendly to Catholics and even discontinued the celebration of "Guy Fawkes Day" which apparently was anti Catholic, the first link, I found, claimed there was no evidence of Washington turning Catholic. This article (below) was written by a secular historian .... It seems several sources don't WANT this to be true that Washington died a Catholic.  It also is assumed that since Washington was a Mason, this might have been a stumbling block for his conversion to the Faith - but of course, his membership in the Masons would not have been a problem on his death bed!

However, on the site,, they had some more info...this site is run by Catholic Answers which is a reliable source...

Apparently, the evidence of Washington's conversion is in Jesuit historical documents which are pretty reliable...

Here's the quote and link:

"Our first President, George Washington, died a Catholic. While he lay on his deathbed he sent his slaves across the Potomac to bring back his close friend, Father Leonard Neal, S.J. Neal spent some time alone in the President's sick room. When he returned to the Jesuit house, his fellow religious asked him the outcome of his visit and he simply answered, "Everything has been taken care of." The entire story is related in the Jesuit annals. The Negro slaves, who had been imbued with Baptist anti-Catholic bigotry, passed on the story that "Master George had been seduced by the scarlet woman of Rome". Our first President had always kept a beautiful picture of Our Lady in His living room; he adopted the Catholic practice of blessing himself before meals; he was largest contributor, giving more than even Bishop Carroll, to the building of St. Augustine's church in Philadelphia; he very often attended Mass; and he often told his troops that if they did not refrain from abusing the Holy Name of Jesus they would surely lose the war."

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

More Technology?

Gerry taking photo of me - new car is behind him!

So, our car that we got in 2006 was beginning to show wear.  Then, one day, the front end started coming off (it has a large plastic front end fastened with a couple of plastic clips).  A local shop did a sort of chewing gum fix on it a year ago, which lasted a year but it was starting to come loose again so I decided to visit the local car dealer and have them fix it.  I drove in the driveway.  But unbeknownst to me, the same group owns the dealership on the corner which apparently shares the driveway.  A nice looking middle aged man walked up and motioned for me to open the window.

Little did I know that would begin a huge lifechange.  Instead of going to the dealership which supported our car, we ended up going to the other dealership.  At first I thought "no way" but he showed us a very nice new car - a sort of small SUV and then, we spent the day haggling over payments etc.  The fatal flaw (for me) was when he invited me to take the car for a test drive.

Wow.  The ride was smooth, bumps in the road disappeared and it handled wonderfully. Never thought I could get hooked on a car but....

Bottom line, we drove it home that day.

So it has all kinds of new stuff on it.  Things I'd never heard of like "climate control" (really? in a car?) and more.  Since we had a lot of church this week (Holy Week), and Friday we visit shut in folks, I was just getting used to it. (OK I'm an old dog and this is a very new trick).

Then today, this really nice gentleman came out from the dealer to run through some of the technical things like the radio (it has every which type of radio and also there is a way you can play all the music in your phone and more.)  When he asked about the phone, I told him I didn't have music in my new iPhone - it was in my iPod.  

"Oh", he said, the music is on the "cloud" (when I was a kid,  clouds were fluffy white cotten-y things in the sky that rained on you sometimes) and it naturally downloaded to my new iPhone when I switched.  I looked and sure enough, there it was.

I'm amazed at all the things just the radio stereo does - I mean we had a 2006 car - but the technology difference between that car and this car is like the difference between a horse n' buggy and a speed racer.

Even the drive has several modes... a regular mode, a "economy" mode - that puts a bit of resistance on the gas pedal so you tend to go slower, and a "sports" mode - that turns your gas pedal into a mode where you can play like you have a race car. (huh?)

That's just what I remember.  I've already forgotten all the stuff you can do with the stereo. Even the windshield wipers are complex. 

So right now, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.  My hubby said I'll get used to it.  I guess. And I'm sure if I forget how to do something, I can ask my 6 year old great granddaughter to show me how.  ** sigh **  Generation gap?  Try generation chasm!!!