Thursday, May 22, 2014

Free Thought Lady thinks she can break the law

Very often people seem to assume the police are "against us" without provocation (that often is the message given on TV).  The following case is typical.  The video at the website was shared several times on Facebook - I cast the video to the TV so I could hear what the Police Officers were saying which I couldn't hear when listening on my computer.... a couple of facts totally change the picture which you can hear when you watch this on TV.  (1)  The citizens running the Lemonade stand were breaking the law by "vending commodities on the grounds of the Capital building without a permit" which the police officers patiently and politely, told them about.  (2) the citizens were given the option of giving away the lemonade about which the police also informed them.  When they ignored the warnings and defied the police, rudely shouting about their lack of freedom (and there is a difference between "freedom" and "license") after being politely warned several times, the police officers arrested them as was proper.  Breaking the law is breaking the law regardless of who does it.  BTW, an ad on this website which carried this story, asks people to report if they have been a victim of "police brutality".  People from other countries laugh at us - we Americans don't know what REAL "police brutality" is!

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