Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bias against female athleticism and muscle again on TV

This is Lauren Powers. She is a gorgeous bodybuilder, 48 years old who has won 30 competitions. She's totally ripped and symmetrical. Naturally she is an awesome athlete who puts in the hours, working out. She was featured on "My strange Addiction" and sorry but I object! Why don't they say Olympian, Michael Phelps has a "strange addiction" when he works out more than Lauren does. To me, this is the typical bias against female muscle in specific and female athletes in general. That is if a female athlete has too many muscles, this is "bad". But if a female is bone slim that is good. Lauren who is 5'5", weighs 180 lbs and is a very low bodyfat percentage. She is a person who should be spoken about with utter respect! Would you believe, later on in the show, they have her going to a psychologist who tells her how "unhealthy" her "strange addiction" i.e. athleticism and successfully winning 30 competitions, is?

Here is a clip from the discovery channel show:

"My Strange Addiction - Lauren"

Here is a partial list of the 30 competitions she has won:

1st place Open Heavyweight in the NPC Orange County Classic, then 1st Place and Overall at the NPC Jan Tana show, and also Overall Ms. Muscle Beach Classic in Venice Beach.

I know she probably did the show to create awareness of female bodybuilding with the idea that "there is no such thing as bad publicity, only publicity". I hope it works in a positive way for her but the jist of the show was that there must be something wrong with her for being an awesome athlete because she is a bodybuilder!

Lauren's official website:

Please write to TLC and let them know your feelings. (Click on email address below)

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